Sunday, November 7, 2010

New stuff on it's way!

Today my little Miss 5 and I had a lovely time wandering around the St Ives Heritage Craft Fair.  This monthly market is held not too far from where we live here in Sydney - how lucky are we?  After such a busy few weeks it was so nice to relax and take some time to check out the handcrafted goodies - the weather was gorgeous too - sunshine at last!  We even caught up with the lovely ladies from Applecart Co - they had the stall next to mine at last month's Hide & Seek Market - you can check out their "Handmade Lovelies for the Littlies" for yourself here.  Anyway I got all inspired and rushed home to take some long overdue photos of my Altered Clipboards and my NEW Altered Magazine Files.  I'm hoping to list lots of items on my Etsy Store this week - well that's the plan anyway.  In the meantime here's a little peak at what's coming!

Some cool stuff for boys!


  1. Love your new stuff Jenine! Looks excellent. We should catch up soon. xx

  2. Hi Jenine,
    I just found your blog by looking you up on the Hide and Seek site.
    Thanks so much for the mention, as you know we are huge fans of your paper goodness! hope we can be neighbours again soon,